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Sell Directly to Thousands of Potential Buyers Today!

Machine Shop is a Global Platform giving sellers the ‘first’ real option to sell machinery directly to potential buyers and receive true market value by avoiding selling for up to 70% less in auction or to a dealer. Buyers benefit from being able to directly interact with the seller and find out more about the machine for sale whilst being able to directly negotiate with the seller.


Buy with confidence directly from the seller, with no middleman to get in the way you can work directly with the seller from the very start. You can negotiate the best price and get the lowdown on all aspects of the machine and its history. We offer a full range of services to collect, deliver and install.


Once you have purchased the machine and put it to work you can forget about buying and selling for a while, but when you no longer need it, you can sell with ease. We keep all of the information on our extensive database, and you can advertise the machine with a couple of clicks.


Simply the best way to sell your machine, easy to advertise, no dealers or auctions to worry about which means you keep all of the value you agree with the successful buyer. If you need to move the machine in to storage, we can arrange all that as well.

By Selling Through Machineshop, You Get 100% Of Your Machines Value!


Cut Out the Middle Man and Sell Your Machine Direct!

Machine Shop is the worlds first peer to peer machinery sales platform, why pay a huge slice of the machines value to auctions and dealers when you can sell directly to thousands of buyers across the world. Negotiate directly and get the best price, but more importantly keep all of the price you agree, no commissions or fees. You only pay for the advert and we do the rest bring buyers to you.

Remove the Hassle of Storage and Delivery...


We can arrange safe, cost-effective storage whilst you sell your machine for the best price, allowing you to reuse the space in your workshop immediately. Our professional partners are highly skilled at dismantling and storing your machine in perfect conditions.


Once the sale is complete, we can deliver to your customer and install and commission the machine on their site. Or if the buyer wishes they can arrange their own services. Either way you only pay for the time spent in storage.

Engineering Services

We offer a full range of specialist engineering services covering all aspects of decommissioning , storage, installation, maintenance and servicing.

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